A free, simple and lightweight app for monitoring memory timings on Ryzen platform.

ZenTimings shows you all the important memory timings, voltages, Infinity Fabric and Memory Controller clocks. No matter the motherboard vendor, the app should help you see what DRAM parameters are applied.

MD5: 8d2ce203c3c9727b09ae5fb3ea1a470f


Display common timings available for adjustment in BIOS.

Get a quick glance on hidden timings.


Provides an optional realtime monitor for FCLK, MCLK, UCLK clocks and memory-related voltages.

Supported features vary between different SKUs and motherboards.


Save a screenshot of your current settings and share it to help other users.

Share a debug report to help with the development.

How To

This short how-to should get you started.

System Requirements

  • AMD Ryzen, Threadripper or EPYC processor
  • .NET Framework 4.5 or newer (v3.5 for the legacy app)
  • WinRing0 (bundled with the app)
  • InpOut (bundled with the app)
  • Supported OS: Windows XP*/2003*/Vista/7/8/10 (32bit and 64bit)
    * Note: Windows XP and 2003 only supported with the legacy app

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Extract the downloaded archive anywhere on the disk.
InpOutx64 (WinIO for 32bit OS) driver gets automatically installed on first launch.
Location of the installed driver is /System32/drivers/inpoutx64.sys (/System32/drivers/WinIO.sys for 32bit OS).

To uninstall the driver you may use a manual method or a utility such as Autoruns for Windows.


Common Timings

The main purpose of the app is to show all the impotant timings info on a single screen. Currently it's in read-only mode, since adjusting timings on-the-fly is not possible on Ryzen, without a reboot.

Due to differences between CPU generations, BIOS versions and motherboards, some parameters might not be detected, although the timings should be available on all platforms, including mobile APUs.


Infinity Fabric and Memory Controller clocks can be detected on most of the desktop SKUs, however the values are not aware of current base clock (BCLK). ZenTimings will make an attempt to correct them, but it will work in limited cases, where configured DRAM frequency is reported correctly. Result will vary between different BIOS implementations and AGESA versions.


The app tries to read several voltages related to the memory controller, but again, it all depends on the platform and the information BIOS is reporting.


A screenshot of the app window can be automatically saved or copied to clipboard with a click of a button.

Auto Refresh

Auto Refresh is enabled by default and updates frequencies and voltages every 2 seconds. The feature can be disabled from the Options dialog. The interval is user-configurable.


Supports light and dark modes, which can be changed runtime.

Debug Mode

When certain parameters are read wrong or not displayed at all, a handy debug window provides an essential info which might help the developer. Please don't hesitate to share the report.


v1.31 Dec 7 2023
  • Add support for Dragon Range (tested on Ryzen 9 7945HX).
  • Add CPU VDDIO reading on DDR5 systems.
  • Fix issues with reading power table on some systems.
  • Enhanced compatibility with StormPeak and Genoa, offering partial support. Thanks @Forks, @Seby9123 and @safedisk
  • Introduced initial support for Mendocino and Phoenix.
  • Optimized the refresh process for power management tables, enhancing efficiency.
  • Improved support for Dali cores.
  • Addressed and fixed issues with the PM table of Picasso.
  • Fix saved window position out of bounds.
  • Simplified the versioning scheme for better clarity.
  • Imroved support for Zen4 7000 (Raphael) CPUs
  • Extended support for DDR5 memory
  • Replaced tXP with tRFCsb in the interface
  • Fixed issues with GDM and Cmd2T readings for DDR5 memory
  • Resolved issues with the reading of power tables for Picasso/Dali CPUs
  • Updated the Discord invite link to a permanent one
  • Updated core DLL for enhanced functionality and stability
  • Improve Zen4 7000 (Raphael) CPU support
  • Improve DDR5 support
  • Fix repository and Discord links
  • Add experimental DDR5 support
  • Add basic Rembrandt APU support
  • Update libraries
  • Fix corrupted config file handling
  • Add option to save window position
  • Add minimize to tray option
  • Enable system info window
  • Integrate WinRing driver
  • Initial plugins system
  • Update icons
  • Improve debug report formatting
  • Add donation links
  • Hotfix for locales different than en-US (issue #21)
  • Fix initial Power Table read for AGESA ComboPiV2 (issue #19)
  • Pause autorefresh when minimized
  • Add auto update
  • Display modules versions in About dialog
  • Small fixes for Renoir PM tables (might still not work on every system)
  • Add Cezanne support (5000 Zen3 series APU)
  • Add Lucienne support (5000 Zen2 series APU)
  • Improve Epyc Rome support (fixes issue #13)
  • Add separate DCT readings for each installed DIMM (fixes issue #16)
  • Add Asus WMI sensors reading for boards that support it
  • Show capacity and ranks for each DIMM in the dropdown
  • Fix startup for unsupported CPUs
  • Reduce minimum .NET framework version for legacy app to 3.5
  • Add PHYWRD, PHYWRL, PHYRDL and PowerDown readings.
  • Add DRAM and VTT readings (static) from BIOS on some motherboards (MSI and Gigabyte).
  • Add support for both SMU version number variants to fix Picasso voltage readings on some systems.
  • Add support for Dali APUs (https://en.wikichip.org/wiki/amd/cores/dali).
  • Optimized startup, progress is reported in the splash screen.
  • Save settings in the same directory of the app for better portability and upgrade.
  • Small UI adjustments and fixes.
  • Old legacy version is now EOL. Replaced by new version with stripped themes support.
  • Remove hover state of camera icon.
  • Attempt to filter incorrect VSOC values reported by SVI2 TFN plane.
  • Better error reporting.
  • Fix installed DRAM modules slot labels.
  • Fix power table reading on 32bit OS.
  • Fix occasional problem with reading power table on first load after boot.
  • Full Vermeer support
  • Add separate VDDG IOD and CCD voltages for Zen3
  • Remove VSOC (SMU)
  • Fix DRAM module installed detection
  • Update system info and debug report
  • Rework UI to use WPF, legacy version still available (includes all fixes)
  • Add dark theme option
  • Add advanced mode switch
  • Add Renoir SVI2 readings, thanks @reous for debug reports
  • Add a workaround for the case when configured clock speed is reported halved by the system
  • Add preliminary Vermeer and Genesis support
  • Fix SVI2 SoC voltage for Threadripper/EPYC gen 1 and 2
  • Change FCLK reading for Zen2 to report fixed configured clock
  • Display memory module slot in the dropdown
  • 32bit OS support is back
  • Improve debug report
  • Add most of the known timings
  • Add FCLK, MCLK and UCLK readings for supported platforms
  • Add VDDSOC, CLDO_VDDP and CLDO_VDDG for supported platforms
  • Add memory controller settings for desktop platforms
  • Add auto-refresh option for frequencies and voltages
  • Add debug functionality
  • Add "Copy to clipboard" to screenshot save dialog
  • Make a screenshot of the app window without shadow
  • Redesign the layout completely

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Q: What is ZenTimings?

A: ZenTimings is a dedicated app for displaying DRAM-related timings and other parameters on AMD Ryzen platform.

Q: What are the supported processors?

A: All Ryzen-based systems are supported, but not all parameters are available on every one of them.

Q: VDIMM is not displayed, why?

A: I haven't found an easy way to read the voltage. Other tools like HWInfo have the abillity to read from I2C bus of various Super I/O chips used by motherboard manufacturers and ZenTimings doesn't. There are no plans for implementing that feature.

Q: Some of the parameters are not displayed on my Ryzen-based laptop.

A: That's a known limitation. Laptops don't seem to expose the AMD ACPI WMI class, where these parameters are read from.

Q: The app is running in compatibility mode.

A: The app runs in compatibility mode when no AMD ACPI WMI class is found on the system.

Q: Controller settings are displayed as N/A on my Threadripper.

A: This happens on some systems and I don't know the reason. It's probably related to fTPM, but I don't have a fix for it at the moment.

Q: VDDG CCD or other voltage is displayed as N/A.

A: The supported voltages that can be read vary based on the CPU and platform. For example, there's no VDDG voltage available on Zen and Zen+.

Q: Can you make the same for Intel?

A: No.


We are not ready with the new application yet and the application still has the old icon.